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Kogi Underground Restaurant formally opened its doors to the public in October 2018.  Kogi Underground Restaurant has a unique style to the concept dinning by allowing partons in the restaurant to participate in the preparation of their meals directly on their tables. Its kitchen preps Korean barbecue meats that guests put themselves on grills positioned in the heart of each table.

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Compliments from Our Chefs

This awesome and unique traditional approach allows the restaurant’s patrons to cook their own meals exactly to their taste and enhance it with their choice of selection favorite spices and sauce at their tables. Kogi Underground Restaurant offers all-you-can-eat feasts with two main choices, depending on your taste.

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Option One includes a large assortment of meats, veggies, and seafood, from premium beef bulgogi to spicy mussels. Option Two, offers an abbreviated version of this menu, but it still encompasses more than 15 options.  When a patron puts in an order for a few of the meats, the server will bring smaller portions of each so that you can taste a wide variety over the course of eating your meal.


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